HOUSE 1912

Since 1912 the Nandana Tea Plantation, established by the late Mr. D.A. Wanigasekera has been making history in Matara, a southern Sri Lankan coastal land known for its diverse vegetation and agricultural activities. Here the late Mr. D.A Wanigasekera made history by pioneering the tea culture in this region.

Our tea is grown at our very own plantations in Akuressa, Sri Lanka, bordering the Nilwala Ganga River. These plantations are still owned by the family of SACRED owner Tubbs Wanigasekera, now the fourth generation of the Wanigasekera tea plantation owners.

House 1912 is processed in collaboration with the Nandana Tea Plantation, which maintains the century-old tradition of preserving intrinsic aromas, taste and quality in making premium black tea.

This tea is graded as a FBOPF 1 (Finest Broken Orange Pekoe Flowery), which means that it has exceptionally well-crafted and very elegant golden tipped leaves, manufactured with young tender tea buds and tips. In return this tea boasts a rich aromatic scent, showcasing amber colour liquor with a good strength and a refreshing medium body. Making it one of the most sought after exotic teas from an exceptional source.